Our focus is simple. Our mobile ultrasound business consulting services are tailored specifically to each client based on their focus for their business. From those starting their business from scratch to those that have been in the industry and are looking for assistance in one aspect or another for their business, our services are built around your needs. Whether it’s working with physician offices, IDTF/insurance billing/fee for service, nursing homes, providing staffing, wellness programs or a combination of any or all of the above, we cater to your business focus in the mobile ultrasound industry.

Highlights of our Mobile Ultrasound Business Consulting

Executive Coaching

Our clients enjoy personal, approachable access to our management and executive team at any time, as their needs arise. With years of experience in the healthcare industry and healthcare sales and marketing in the mobile ultrasound industry, our personal expertise is an invaluable asset, and is unique in the marketplace. We focus and tailor our services to the needs of each individual client, working together to enhance their areas of strength and assist in their areas of challenge.

Legal Documents, Service Agreements & Forms

What is the most important facet of any healthcare service? The regulatory compliance of the service contracts. Advanced Imaging supplies our clients with comprehensive service agreements crafted by our healthcare attorneys, certified in Healthcare compliance by the CHC with decades of experience, ensuring compliance with federal regulations. The forms and documents necessary to implement your mobile ultrasound service are included in our comprehensive mobile ultrasound business consulting program. Legal documents, service agreements and forms can also be accessed on a project based option. Along with the initial legal agreements, our healthcare attorney team reviews the contracts each year for updates, and our clients have access to any changes each year at no cost.

Professional Marketing Services

As a new client, Advanced Imaging’s partner team of professional inside marketing specialists provide a jump start to marketing your business. This first step provides calls directly to physicians, affording our clients the advantage of focused marketing to qualified physicians in their area. This service achieves the sometimes difficult task of that first contact with the physician office and allows our clients to fast track the development of their mobile ultrasound business.

Radiology Interpretation & Image Management

Advanced Imaging clients have everything they need to provide quick access and next business day report turn-around for their physician clients. Our practice management software provides 24/7 access for physicians for their reports via the PACS. But the system doesn’t stop there. Your physician clients can schedule patients, review images, and download to CD’s for referrals.

It allows you as the service provider to keep a close eye on your business by running reports on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Pair this system with board-certified radiologists and cardiologists in all 50 states and you have a complete, turn-key service for your physicians.